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There are TWO products that make up electricity – VOLTAGE AND CURRENT. Together, they yield WATTS or KILOWATTS, which is what your utility meter reads and ultimately, what you pay for. Our Total Energy Optimization system, or what some call an Energy Sustainability System, addresses both the VOLTAGE and the CURRENT, meaning your electrical system will be nearly 100% efficient and you will use less energy.

You are probably thinking there is nothing wrong with your electricity so why should you look at this system? Electricity is invisible, you can’t see it so most people don’t even think about it, other than the fact your electric bill is high. It all boils down to how much energy is your facility using and what is being read by the utility meter. If you look into the electrical system, you would see the problems which cause things such as:

  1. High Maintenance and Downtime Costs

  2. Pre-Mature Electrical Equipment Failures

  3. High Electric Bills

  4. Utility Company Penalties in some cases

  5. Power Surge Problems

  6. Lightning Strike Problems

  7. Electrical Motors that are operating at High Temperatures

All of which cost you MORE money and affect your Bottom Line. So what is the answer?


The Total Energy Optimization System from
VoltPotential will provide you with ALL of the following benefits:

  1. Complete Electrical System Protection (Including Protection from Lightning Strikes)

  2. Extended Equipment Life

  3. Reduced Maintenance and Downtime

  4. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

  5. Complete Energy Optimization

  6. Increased Power Factor

  7. Energy Efficient Lighting…MORE Light with LESS Energy

  8. A/C and Refrigeration Compressor Optimization

  9. Reduced Energy Consumption



In today’s business world, bottom line profitability and efficient production are everything!

Downtime and maintenance repairs can be detrimental to a facility, and if it is a repeat situation, it can cost thousands of dollars causing your operating costs to go through the roof.

Every facility has electrical waste…in the form of Transients, Heat, Poor Power Factor, and the fact that every electrical system is "oversized" by a factor of 1.35 to ensure electrical safety. VoltPotential focuses on all of the above, optimizing each and every electrical waste option to ensure you only use what you need as far as energy. We employ a "SYSTEMATIC APPROACH" to these issues to ensure that every possible bit of savings is accounted for with each installation. Each and every facility gets a custom engineered system to achieve the MAXIMUM RESULTS for the investment.

Total Energy Optimization allows your electrical system to operate as it should, but use less energy to perform the same amount of work. It also provides a nearly 100% efficient electrical system throughout your facility, which allows your electrical equipment to run smoother and cooler, therefore, eliminating the possibility of pre-mature failure and repeat downtime and maintenance issues, while it reduces the electric bill. Total Energy Optimization perfectly times and optimizes your electrical system with just one installation.

Here Is an Example of Energy Optimization


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